Easy Apple Cut Techniques for Entertainment and Bento

Cutting apple into shapes is very popular in Japan. The most common shape is rabbit, which often dresses bento lunch box. It is cute, fun and easy to make!



Making apple rabbit only takes 4 steps.

  1. Cut apple into 8 wedges.
  2. Make a cut into V-shape into the skin (not too deep).
  3. Run the knife under the skin and stop at the tip of V.
  4. Take off the excess peel.



To prevent color changing, prepare bowl of salt water or lemon water to keep cut apples.


Another fun apple is a little-box shaped apple. As you can see in the top picture, it is like a little cup, in which you can put caramel sauce or yogurt! Here is how to make it video.

Little Box Shaped Apple



Decorative shaped apple is perfect entertainment for holidays!


This is JAPAN Style!



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