Dramatic ASCII Art


On the internet, there are many characters newly created using AA (ASCII Art), and these are becoming more and more complicated. Here are some recent “keyboard art” trends in Japan below.



“What if I could make these ASCII art characters look very dramatic?” An illustrator, Mr. Y, came up with this idea.


>>> This is Mr. Y. Now, his attempt begins 😛


[1] The prime minister of a certain country beginning with a letter “J”.


There are a lot of versions of AA for this prime minister, and this is kind of the most recent one. What a contemptuous face (^^;;


At first, Mr. Y copies AA and makes it decorative, part by part.



The Eye. Looks like some kind of horror manga.



Nose. His round nose is well drawn.



Outline. Shading skills express this prime minister’s aged and tired skin very well.


Neck, shirt & tie.  Wrinkles make the prime minister look tired as he probably is…



Characteristic mole. Mr. Y draws it very elaborately.



Now, it’s done! Let’s see how it looks. This AA transforms into…



Gee-yaaaah!! OMG! So scary (@_@). Who is this!? Is this the prime minister of the “J” nation? I don’t think we can entrust him with our country…


Now, let’s see other dramatic AA characters, too!


Popular mysterious AA character twins become…

… like this. I’m kind of speechless with shock. They may appear in my dream tonight (^^;



A cute panda goes…

… like this. It’s not cute at all anymore. His eyes look like they’re popping out (T_T). 3D art!?


A cat cooking with a pan.

Wow… He is shaking a pan very seriously. But I don’t want to eat what he’s serving. If I saw him in the kitchen of a restaurant, I would call the police. Or animal control. Haha.

Popular characters in TV commercial.  Popopopo~~~n.

(JAPAN Style made a post about this TV commercial a few months ago. Check it out >>> http://www.japanstyle.info/04/entry15409.html)

Look like curse dolls! That’s enough! Too scary (*o*)!!


I personally like the mysterious twins the best. How about you? Maybe these AA characters are too dramatic to take your eyes off. Be careful not to have a nightmare…


Source: Daily Portal Z


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