Japanese Municipalities Host “Konkatsu” Matchmaking Parties


The word “konkatsu” has appeared in this blog a few times. It means “marriage hunting” and is a recent word born in 2007. Unlike traditional matchmaking, today’s konkatsu is more free and casual hosted by a professional baseball team, cooking schools, a golf course, shrine, and so on.

Nowadays, not only those businesses but also municipalities through the country host konkatsu activities. Especially small towns enthusiastically support konkatsu to get more children, population, in the towns. To make the single have good time, municipalities come up with unique idea!

While BBQ is the most common matchmaking party style among municipalities, many of them host at rice paddy fields, farms, fruits fields, where participants harvest, then cook what they got and eat together. Or some towns feature their spiritual power spots for fatal connection. Also there are towns invite participants to museum, soccer field or cruising.


Hiroshima Prefecture launched “Hiroshima Iku-chan Matchmaking Sevice” website early this year. This is how it looks. Isn’t it cute?



In the website, there is a list of matchmaking parties and events they hold including cocking class and bus tour for young single people.

In another municipality, a matchmaking organization supported by Fukuoka Prefecture started the service since 2005, and as a result of 450 events, and reported 60 pairs of couple got married.


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