Reminder Device – Close Your Zipper!

Excuse me, your zipper is open. (^^;


Have you ever forgotten to close your zipper? (YES, I have^^) It is really embarassing, and you may wish you had a magic device to remind you to close it.

Today, I’m going to write about a man’s attempt to construct this dream device!


These are the materials for the device.
He is supposed to make the device which flashes lights
when you leave your zipper undone.


He bought this flashlight, too.


He is today’s challenger.
He looks like a criminal in a movie who is making a bomb or something (^^;


He takes lead wires from the flashlight and arranges them
so the zipper pull touches a copper plate.


I wonder why he is sewing(?_?) 
And also I wonder why he is wearing a scarf inside the room (^^;


Oh, I see. He sewed snap buttons on the pants.
(The other sides of the buttons are fixed with glue.)

That’s it! All done!


The zipper is closed, and the light is not on. And…?


The zipper is open, and the light comes on!!
Let’s go outside to see how this device functions under “real life” conditions.


Oh my god! The light is on.
He’s forgotten to close his zipper. But don’t worry, he will realize his oversight soon.


See (^^)? Now the light is off because he zipped his zipper.


This device is kind of useful in case you want to read something in the dark.


Open and read!


With a second pair of pants he makes another device.
It looks more stylish and fashionable (maybe).


Let’s open up and head outside!


You will feel secure when you walk on the dark street alone. 
(He’s possibly lost sight of the original purpose ^^;)


This is an image from a security camera. So suspicious…


Source: Daily Portal Z



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