What One Needs to Help Others



Four days passed since the major earthquake. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t so big here in Tokyo while the areas around the center of the shock were severely damaged – more than one can imagine – which we see though the news everyday.

Speaking about myself, I went to work as usual from Monday. It makes me feel complicated because I see and hear the tragedy all day but still live as usual. I mean is it an appropriate time to work? There are many people who lost their houses and live in uncomfortable evacuation shelters. Shouldn’t we go to the stricken areas as soon as possible to help them?

But a reality lies here. I have to protect my life. To make my own life, I can’t neglect my work.

I really think that helping others is impossible unless one has enough margins of both mind and money.

It is easy to say “for people” but you can actually do something “for people” only after you established your own life.

Enterprises can sponsor or donate money since they are making enough. If they don’t have enough, they can’t support someone (or something).

This disaster gave me another lesson as well as the one I wrote a few days ago.

Money is not everything but one can’t help others without making money. Half-hearted moral sense can’t help people in a real sense.


“I want to help them.”


Unfortunately, I don’t have margin with me now. I am so disappointed that I can’t do anything.

“I will work hard to be a man who can help others as soon as possible.”

So I thought watching an old lady broke down in tears losing her house.