Wasabi Stories vol.56: “Realize Your Destiny and Take Action”


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“Realize Your Destiny and Take Action”

Today’s story teller is one of the world-class violinist, [W:Midori Goto].

Besides performing and teaching junior violinists, she makes contribution to society; she is the chief director of Non Profit Organization Music Sharing.

One of the organization’s activities is “Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program”, which aims the physically and emotionally challenged to experience the joy of expressing oneself through music.

Midori hopes to realize the music version of the Paralympic Games; however, the activity is not so easy.

Because the activity costs money, they have to find sponsors, but putting their energy on advertisement brings them to wrong direction from the original meaning.

To let the world to know their activity, Midori thinks out new idea everyday.

Since she does different things at a time, people often ask her “how do you manage your time?”

According to Midori, the point is that every action connects to one purpose.

For instance, when she is working on project A, she comes up a new idea project B.

Although she is going to work on two projects at a time, both projects are essentially connected, which makes multiplier effect to smoothes the projects.


“Discard greed near yourself, and make effort for what you believe to be done in the world. ‘Yes we can’ does not mean ‘It can be done if you do’ but it is to face up to things grounding on the belief ‘the things that have to be done can be done’. ”


The NIKKEI Jun/12 /2009/ by Midori Goto (Violinist)


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