Theme Park Apartments in Osaka


While many apartment designers try to make apartments that suit all tastes, usually practical, convenient, and simple to that the tenants can decorate in their ways later when they move in, this real estate agency and space design company, AKI makes apartments that doesn’t suit everyone’s taste.

Naming them “Theme Park Apartments,” AKI produces unique themed rooms that “nine out of ten people dislike but one person likes (AKI).” The ones that caught media’s attentions the most are the famous people themed rooms including a manga writer, Kazuo Umezu’s red and white room, an actor who is deeply in dept, Shiro Kishibe’s fleeing by night room, a former porn actress, Nana Natsume’s sensual room, and a girls pop group AKB48’s fantasy room.

This is the Umezu Kazuo’s Red and White Room. It shows the renovation process and room tour (which starts at 2:28 on the timeline).




Umezu’s trademark, red and white stripes are everywhere in the room, as well as a character and symbols from his well known horror and SF manga.

It’s fun room but like the company says, not for everyone. It would be the coolest room for Umezu’s manga fans.



This is JAPAN Style!



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