Wasabi Stories vol.222: “Make Action to Live”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is anonymous person, talking about Chinese writer Yang Yi.

In Japan, it is a hay fever season in March and April and there must be a lot of people who get depressed in the season. However, Yang Yi said once, “I may have a lot of pollen all over me.”

What she means is that she is describing herself as a bee that collects the nectar and pollen.

And she says, “I do not think the culture develops when people remain in a same place. Just like bees migrate to collect pollen and flowers bloom, culture develops when people migrate from one place to another.”

When Yang Yi moved Japan, she could not speak a word of Japanese. 20 years after arriving in Japan, she won the [W:Akutagawa Prize] by commanding Japanese language.

When she got divorced, she took 2 of her children and looked for an apartment for rent but she was turned down at most of the places. Despite facing the racism and so forth, she developed herself from the experience.


In the latter of the column, the teller mentioned about a German fairy tale, ‘The Adventures of Maya the Bee’.

One passage from the story was introduced: “My mind is meant to experience and explore a lot of things such as happiness, surprise and so forth. I am not afraid of anything.”


Finally, in the end of the column, it says that Yang Yi is a woman and so is Maya. However, also a man would feel encouraged by what they say.


The NIKKEI 03/09/2010 by anonymous


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