What Doggies Can Do for the Victims

People in all over Japan and many other countries do various things to support the victims of the East Japan earthquake. Besides donating money, we save electricity and gas. It may sound a small action but “many a little makes a mickle.”

HoriproIdolDog.jp (http://www.idoldog.jp/) believes that even dogs can do something to cheer the victims, and launched “What Doggies Can Do Now” project, where they take dogs’ pictures with message boards. They will make posters with the pictures and send them to the victims.

 Photo by Hey World!

Photo by anko

Photo by れいな
(The photos are for illustrative purposes only.)

 Speaking of dogs, you may wonder what happened to pets in the damages area. According to Yomiuri Online, the municipal animal welfare association in Nigata Prefecture set up Animal Rescue Center and made pets spaces in the places of refuge. The pets are fed and take medical check by veterinarians.
The authority of the public health center said “Pets are part of families. It is natural for them to take refuge with the owners. In this shelter, the pet owners come to see their pets and smile. They take their dogs for a walk, which is good exercise, so it is very preferable for evacuees.”

 Yomiuri Online March 24 2011 (http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20110324-OYT1T00179.htm)