Wasabi Stories vol.161: “An Episode From a Snowy Night”


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“An Episode From a Snowy Night”

Today’s story-teller is Japanese poet Ryoichi Wago.

The topic is sake, Japanese alcoholic drink which is made of rice.

Wago loves sake and drinks sake quite frequently. He tells the story what happened when he went to Kitagami, [W:Iwate Prefecture].



He had quite a few drinks with his friends as usual. It started snowing on his way back to the hotel.


Wago said, “I was gazing up the sky for a while. In the north Tohoku, there were lights of buildings in the darkness of the night start getting whiter as the snow started falling over them. There is nobody but me and a cat shivering with cold on the street. No sound. It makes me feel so lonely. I want to talk to somebody.”


Although the next destination was a walking distance, he stopped a taxi.

He said to the taxi driver, “Somehow I feel so lonely.”Well, he was drank.

The taxi driver quietly listened to his talk with interest and gave him a few comments.

After he stopped the taxi at the hotel, but he remained in the seat and kept talking for one and a half hours.

He said, “I said to him, ‘It was very nice meeting you.’ I shook hands with him. Then he said, ‘It was nice meeting you, too.’ After I got back to my room, I drank a bit more while viewing the snow from the window.”


The NIKKEI 12/16/2009 by Ryoichi Wago (poet)


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