Kobe Ink Story: Number 12 “Okamoto Pink”

 nagsawa kobe ink no.12 pink


Kobe Ink Story – the theme is the color that would fit the “elegant City of Kobe”

This product has been developed by skilled technicians from Sailor Fountain Pen, Co., taking for a theme “the color that would fit the elegant City of Kobe”, in order to make the life of fountain pen users even more enjoyable and fruitful.

“Okamoto” is the place famous as the spot of plum tree blossoms viewing since the old days. Nagasawa Co. has expressed the charm of Okamoto by the stylish pink symbolized by the harmony of historical crimson red of the plum flowers color and the most uo-do-date Kobe fashion.


nagsawa kobe ink no.12 pink


Kobe Selection Limited Edition Products

Nonprofit Corporation – The Corporation for Promotion of Industry of the City of Kobe, which organized the “Kobe Selection 2008” acknowledged products of Nagasawa Stationery Center Co.’s shop, the “Original Profit Fountain Pen” and the “Kobe Ink Story”.


What is the “Kobe Selection”?


The “Kobe Selection” is aimed at creation of new brands of Kobe that would gain popularity among many people through making public offering and selection of fancy products that symbolize Kobe, selling them on-line as “Kobe Selection” (through internet) or off-line (in real stores) and providing information on various occasions.


nagasawa fountain pen ink orange


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