Developed Japaense Sushi-Go-Round!!


Japanese_SushiKaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) is a major business in the Japanese restaurant industry.

Being considered as easy and casual restaurants, kaiten-zushi attract many customers.

Recent kaiten-zushi restaurants are more computerized; therefore, there are fewer troubles for the customers, and the restaurants can reduce their costs.

For example, in the video below shows the touch panel over the belt conveyer for the customers to order their sushi.


The each sushi dish has digital devise embedded, so the waiters don’t have to count them for the check.

The customers put the finished dishes into a “dish pocket” which installed by the table to return.

At this restaurant, the customer who put 5 dishes can play a game. If he/she wins, get a prize!!


This is JAPAN Style!


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