Wasabi Stories vol.208: “What Makes You Trustworthy”


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“What Makes You Trustworthy”

Today’s story-teller is TV entertainer Hidehiko Ishizuka.

Ishizuka is a popular TV entertainer, whose charm is being chubby. He often appears on food TV programs as a reporter.

His story is about his two children. He has a 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

First, he talks about a promise between him and his children. The Ishizukas has 3 rules: greet people, never tell lies, be punctual.


He says, “I have kept these 3 rules in my life. I am sure my children get help from others to be successful if they try to keep these rules.”


Ishizuka once questioned his children who did the bad thing when they were in elementary school. They pointed at each other and blamed on it each other. So he got mad at them.

He kicked them out of the house as a punishment for blaming on the other person.

Meanwhile, he talks about an episode that his children gave him a lesson.

When the decision to end one of the TV programs that he was a regular was made, he felt so down. Seeing him being down, his children told him, “I guess it is better for you. You do not look fulfilled.”

Actually, he had never got good vibes from the program. So he was surprised to know how observant they had been.

The point is that his children’s observation helped him to feel better. There are 2 main points in this story: “promises between parent and child”, “Things you learn from your children”


The NIKKEI 02/16/2010 by Hidehiko Ishizuka (TV entertainer)



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