How Do You Learn English?

how to learn English


Most Japanese people are not good when it comes to speaking English. We study it in school and are familiar with basic grammatical skills. However, once we try to actively communicate in English, we quickly become upset and confused (^^;;

Here are the results of a recent online survey about English.


Do you speak English? (Daily conversational-level)  

Yes: 14.8% / No: 85.2%.  Hmm.

Only 14.8% says ‘yes’…


To those who answered ‘No’>>Would you like to become more able to speak English?

Yes: 81.3% / No: 18.7%

I wonder why 18.7% of people wouldn’t like to??


To those who answered ‘Yes’>>How did you learn English?

Self-education: 37.8%

Studied abroad: 35.4%

Went to language school in Japan: 31.5%

Radio lessons: 15.8%

Took correspondence course: 6.3%

Others: 17.3%

Most people studied by themselves. Maybe spending money is not always necessary to learn English 🙂


To those who answered ‘Yes’>>How long did it take until you became able to speak English?

Less than 6 months: 16.5%

6 months ~ one year: 14.2%

One year: 7.9%

Two years: 10.2%

Three years: 7.1%

More than four years: 44.1%

16.5% answered ‘less than 6 months”. This sounds quite amazing! Where there is a will, there is a way.


To those who answered ‘Yes’>>What is the most important or helpful thing to remember when learning English?    

-Be positive! /Don’t be shy! /Don’ afraid of making mistakes!

Make English speaking friends, and talk to them a lot, spend time with them.

-Study continuously and steadily.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…


How about you? What do you think is the most important aspect of mastering a foreign languages? 🙂


Source: Ameba News


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