Artistic and Relaxing Outdoor Space in Hokkaido; Moerenuma Park

In 1982, the city of Sapporo began construction of Moerenuma Park on the land where disposal facilities used to be. And in 1988, world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi joined the project to create a park which could be considered  “one perfect sculpture” in itself.  Unfortunately, Isamu Noguchi passed away without seeing the park’s 2005’s grand opening.

There are many attractive sculptures and structures in this huge park, so today, I would like to introduce some of them.


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This glass pyramid called “Hidamari” is the symbol of Moerenuma Park. The sun-filled interior space, which has a fine view of the park, can be rented and many people have wedding parties here (^^). Also, Christmas concerts are held within this pyramid every year. (This year’s schedule: Dec. 23~25)

If you have a chance to visit [W:Hokkaido] in Christmas season, you should join them!


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The man made 62m high mountain called “Moere-yama” is the only mountain in the northeastern part of Sapporo. From the summit, you can look out over not only the whole park, but also Sapporo city. It is, of course, fun to walk up the hill and ride a bikes (rental bikes are also available) around the mountain. But, sliding down the slope on a piece of cardboard (or on a sled in winter) is much more exciting!


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This beautifully huge fountain with a diameter of 48m is located in the center of the park. The fountain elegantly changes its shapes to represent the birth of life and the universe! Wow!! It is suitable to be called  a “sculpture of water”. The fountain, fantastically illuminated at night, must be worth a look!


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A shallow beach suddenly appears in the green park. This is an artificial beach, but the pavement is made from real coral and the mild waves created by the above-mentioned fountain make the beach seem quite real and cozy. Open only in summer.

What’s more, the movie, called “Leonie”, telling the life of Isamu Noguchi’s mother, Leonie Gilmour, has just been released this month in Japan. It will certainly be more interesting to visit Moerenuma Park after watching this movie (^^).


For more information, see Moerenuma Park Website (English)


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