Convenient Free Online Music Player “Kimi no Radio”

“Kimi no Radio” is a free online music player which plays your favorite artist’s songs continuously. It is very simple and convenient! There is no need to sign in or install (as long as you can watch YouTube); you can use it right now!

It is basically available in Japanese, but tags appear in English.

Kimi no Radio Website:

When you type your favorite artist’s name in the search box (upper right), it shows the artist’s videos posted on YouTube. By clicking the “Add Top 20 to Queue” under the “Top Tracks,” it makes a playlist with only your favorite artist. The list appears under the video. You can add songs to the play list one by one by clicking “Queue” next to each song.



You can also find similar artist by clicking the “Similar” tag right next to the “Top Tracks” tag. So you can find new artists that you may like.

A good thing about this player is that the search function works really well, so it cuts unwanted videos like some strange people singing the artist songs. (At least it hasn’t happened to me so far.)

Since it is Twitter-linked player, when you log in with your Twitter account, you can leave your play history and make comments on the songs on Twitter.

Images are from “Kimi no Radio Preview”


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