“MEZAIK” Double-Eyelid Fiber

Because double-eyelid big eyes are considered to be attractive, there have been various types of double-eyelid products in Japan. The quality of the products has been improving recently and the eyes treated with them look natural. It’s like plastic surgery without knife and needle (^_^)

Most of the products are easy to use and many women use them daily.

MEZAIK is one of the most popular double-eyelid products in Japan. It is an elasticity fiber with waterproof glue and solves the demerits that other products have.

For example, some eyelid glue and tapes take a large space on eyelid, they don’t leave much space for eye shadows, but MEZAIK leaves enough space for eye shadows.



According to comments on internet forums, some users naturally got double-eyelid by using MEZAIK for a while.


“How to Use MEZAIK”


Image by Youtube


Wow.  😯 It must give dramatic change to those who have thick eyelids.

It is so amazing that women can change their looks by using trick like this!


Source: MEZAIK website