[VIDEOS] Japanese Figure Skater Mao Asada


On February 25 (26, Japan time), Japan got really excited about that Japanese figure skater Mao Asada won the silver medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In the interview after settling for the silver medal, she couldn’t stop crying.


“I feel disappointed but I did all what I could do. I am glad that I succeeded with two triple axels.”


At that competition, Asada became the first woman to land two triple axels during a free skate program.

“I made two mistakes in the last half of the free program. I want to be perfect by the next time.”


During the performance, she stumbled slightly and caught an edge.

She says she got nervous after landed two axels.

Before Asada’s performance, the gold medalist Yuna Kim broke the world record and the audiences were so aroused.

To improve her concentration, Asada didn’t see the rival’s performance or score and wore earphones to listens to Ayumi Hamasaki’s song.


Asada is a fan of the Japanese diva, Ayumi Hamasaki, who had given Asada her new single CD “You were…/ BALLAD” with her cheering message before Asada left for Vancouver.

Including musicians, actors and other sports players, a lot of Japanese people supported her to win the medal.

In the interview took place yesterday, she said “I want to go back Japan right away and want many people to touch the medal.”

After the awarding and appearing a lot of TV shows, she went to a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver and ate hearty teriyaki flavored spareribs.

She has been strict about dieting to keep good condition, but at that time, she gave a special treat for herself.


This video below is not from the Olympic but 2009-2010 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, where Asada won the Gold.

You can see the same performance “Bells of Moscow by Sergei Rachmaninov” and her triple axel.




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