Fun and Practical Ninja Goods

Let me share fun and practical ninja goods I saw online.

The first one is a shuriken push pin!

It looks real.




I know it is not made in Japan but I don’t know who sells this though.



And shuriken magnets called “Secret Mark Throwing Star Magnets.”


shuriken magnet


It’s going to be fun to put these on a fridge!


This one is a shuriken USB named “Ninja” released by a Japanese company, SolidAlliance.


shuriken USB


The company also released kunai USB.

This was designed for a ninja movie “Kamui Gaiden (The Legend of Kamui)”.





A kunai is known as a ninja weapon but they used to climb up a wall or for digging.


These are cool, aren’t they?

You can find various imitation shuriken which you don’t really have chance to use them unless you were attacked by bad ninja, but these ninja goods are practical (^_^)





This is JAPAN Style!


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