Wasabi Stories vol. 201: “Put Yourself in the Nature When You Get Stuck on Difficulty”


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“Put Yourself in the Nature When You Get Stuck on Difficulty”

Today’s story-teller is writer Kazushi Hosokawa.

The story is about the power of nature.

Firstly, Hosokawa talks about former World Bank president Mieko Nishimizu. He happened to read regular features on a newspaper written by her.

He was deeply touched with her life by reading her story and he was surprised that he hadn’t known such a great person till then.

He thinks one of the reasons why he did not know about her was his ignorance. However he thinks there are other factors.

He says, “I think Japanese society tends to pay no attention to Japanese talented people who do not directly contribute to Japanese society.”


And he thinks that Japanese people who live in other countries and contribute to those countries and societies are more likely to give Japan a charge.

Then Nishimizu wrote about the time she was wondering where she was heading in the second installment in the series. He was very impressed with it.

Nishimizu said, “When I went up to the ski slope on the top of the mountain by a cable car and when I was looking across the Pacific Ocean, I found the answer. I said to myself, ‘What am I worried about? What I want to do is to learn economics.’”


Hosaka was impressed with these words, which she found the answer by looking across the view.

She expresses her feeling simply, but he thinks those words suggest the meaning.

Finding an answer by looking out a view may be described as mystical. However, that is what a man is. You may find the answer when your plan is unarticulated.

When his friend who is a Buddhist scholar went to India, he understood the meaning of Buddhist canon all of sudden when he was looking at the sun going down behind the ridge. It was like a so-called inspiration.

It sounds like ringing false, but he thinks solutions for truly-important matters appear by the power of nature (scenery).


He says, “Human’s thoughts advance with the help of nature.”


So, this was Hosakawa’s story with these impressive words.


The NIKKEI 02/04/2010 by Kazushi Hosaka (writer)



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