Cool Way For Men To Use a Lip Balm Stick

As you see, this is lip balm.


Lip balm is of course not only for women but also for men. However, men sometimes have a difficult time when they use a stick lip balm because…


Even men have to contract their lips into a round shape like the man (Mr.A) in the photo above.


“This face is too lovely and embarrassing for a man. A man always has to look more masculine…” Mr. A  starts thinking of cooler ways to apply lip balm.


[1] Street musician


A cool street musician…


… is putting on lip balm! Let’s take a closer look.


A lip balm stick is fixed beside a harmonica ^^;


It’s useful when he plays the harmonica too much, and his lips get dry.


No matter how you look at him, he looks like a cool musician!


Nobody will notice that he is putting on lip balm. (Actually, he is neither playing music nor singing)


[2] Hard-boiled style


Hmmm. Hard-boiled style?


The images of “hard-boiled” Mr.A has are 1) sunglasses, 2) gun, and 3) canned coffee.  A gun looks too dangerous, so now he holds a can of coffee and a piece of bread. I’m not sure why he is holding a round shaped bread (>> it doesn’t look very hard-boiled), and why he is not wearing sunglasses (>> he is wearing them in his “street musician” mode). Ow… I almost forget about the lip balm. Let’ see how it goes.


Haha^^;  the stick is inserted into the can of coffee this time.


It fits very perfectly!


[3] Soccer player


Needless to say, soccer players are cool.


Players sometimes kiss the ball at PK time.
That is very cool. Mr.A also kisses the ball.


No… Actually, he is putting on lip balm. But how?


He put a lot of balm on the ball in advance.
This is called “operation indirect kiss”.


I like “street musician” style the best (^^). How about you?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!