New!! Facebook Apps to Tell Someone How You Feel

Japanese can be very shy when it comes to telling someone their feeling; some people often end up not telling their feeling to the person they love at all. Sometime people just leave an anonymous love letter in a shoes box of the person they love and never able to tell who you are. To reduce such an unfortunate situation, new app was invented to help you out if you and the person you are crushing on both like each other!

According to an article, this app called, “one heart* allows user to select and register a person you like from your facebook friend, and if the person also register you as a person he/she likes, notification email will be set to both of you to congratulate mutual love.


"mrhayata" some rights reserved. flickr

“mrhayata” some rights reserved. flickr


Usually, you will only receive the notice when both of you and your love like each other, but you can also send “somebody likes you” notification to your love anonymously. Some may argue what’s the point of telling somebody that somebody likes you because it probably doesn’t change your life at all…(- -;) Well, I’ve got to agree with you for this “someone likes you” notification function. But anyway, this whole app may sound a bit naive, but it is designed for sour and sweet, platonic love! According to the article, the developer of this app has some bitter experience having been unable to tell her love her feeling, so she decided to develop an app to support those who are struggling like she did when she was younger.

Well, as I sometime say, I don’t want young people to find a solution in online stuff too much, but if it helps shy Japanese youngsters get going for a healthy relationship, I guess it’s good? …As long as it won’t be an absolutely necessary app for every single person in few years time!!


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