Is Your Sushi Really Japanese Style?

Sushi is becoming very common all over the world.


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For Japanese people, this photo above depicts the normal (and ideal for me)image of sushi. Yum :D! How about yours? What comes to your mind when you hear “sushi”? You might first be reminded of sushi rolls. Yes, we also have rolled sushi in Japan, but I have to tell you that overseas sushi rolls and actual Japanese sushi are totally different.

Take a look at the photo below. Is this what comes to mind when someone mentions sushi?


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Actually these in the photos below are typical Japanese sushi rolls. (Left: hoso-maki. Right: futo-maki)


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The overseas sushi roll looks very far removed from the originals, doesn’t it? I’m afraid the foreign one is covered with too much mayonnaise 🙁 The California roll has become quite common in Japan as well, and some sushi with a bit of mayonnaise on top is served at family-style ‘conveyor belt’ sushi restaurants (we call these kaiten-zushi). But mayonnaise sauce is never used for traditional sushi. I have seen Indonesian ‘sushi flavor’ potato chips before, and the package said “seaweed + mayonnaise = sushi!”. Hmmm, mayonnaise again! Maybe people everywhere have got the wrong idea…

I have some other photos of overseas sushi. In Japan I’ve never seen fried sushi or sushi with fried ingredients inside.


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I understand that food develops in foreign countries in different ways, according to the local people’s likings. And most overseas sushi rolls are very good. I love them! But still, I sometimes think “No way….This is not sushi. I want to eat the REAL thing!! (T_T)”




This is JAPAN Style!