Zen Meditation iPhone App for Free

On Feburary 28, a new Zazen (Zen meditation) application for iPhone was released on iTunes. It was produced by young monks who run Higanji, a web magazine on Buddhism. Although the application is pretty simple, you can Zazen in traditional manner, and it can be used by Zazen beginners to Zen masters.



The application is named “Undo,” which means “a temple where trainee monks gather.” The application is linked with Twitter, so you can inform the world when you do Zazen or see how many people in the world did Zazen.

When you start the application, a monk’s instruction to prepare your body for meditation begins. After you sit and breathe right following the instruction, Zazen starts with the three bell sounds. You can set the session time freely. So if you are not sure you can meditate so long, you can start with 5 minutes session.



“Undo” is free! And there are Japanese and English versions available. If you need relaxation or are interested in meditation, this will be a good start!


“undo –How to Zazen”


“Undo” description on apple.com


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