“Anpanman Lives In Tokyo!?”

Let me introduce a post from a Japanese blog that I always enjoy reading.

The post was about “Anpanman”, the character you may know, one of the most popular anime characters for children in Japan.


anpanman house

When you walk through a residential area in Ota, Tokyo…


anpanman house

There was a house of Anpanman’s. It is a bit too loud LoL
But it surely protect against burglars.


anpanman house

It is written in Japanese: “Go ahead and play with it.”
The owner has a heart of gold LoL



It is a surprise that Anpanman’s house is located in Tokyo! ^_^

It is a simple question, but, how does he get the car behind out of there?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!



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