Unique Cooking DVD; “Koishoku”


Today, I would like to introduce a very unique cooking DVD titled “Koishoku”. This DVD of course shows how to cook, but the interesting features are 1) viewers can experience pseudo-romance with a virtual girlfriend called Momoko, and 2) ingredients are included. The price is ¥3,675 (US$47) including ¥2,520 (US$32) worth of ingredients (bacon, chicken legs, ham, sausages).

Koishoku was created by a web shop selling products direct from the farm. This shop was looking for ways to expand its clientele to young men in in their 20s~30s, and eventually came up with the Koishoku DVD. In the story, Momoko cooks bacon burgers for you after a study session at her house.

You can enjoy cooking with Momoko using real ingredients which come with the DVD. Of course in the real world, there is no Momoko, and you have to cook everything yourself (^^;), but there is something fun after having the meal. Momoko asks you if the meal is to your liking, and according to your answer (“delicious” or “so so”), Momoko’s reaction changes.


Let’s watch the introduction video!



What do you think? Me? Actually I am not interested in cooking with Momoko (sorry…) but the food looks quite delicious! Maybe I can order just the ingredients food from this website (^o^).


Source: Walker Plus and Koishoku Website


This is JAPAN Style!