Amazingly Huge Egg! Check What’s inside!


Last week, a very rare egg was laid at Ariakeyama chicken farm in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It is tremendously big, 192 gram (regular sized egg of this breed is 63 gram) and the content is amazing too. Check this out!



Isn’t it amazing that there is an egg in an egg? 😯

On the video, there is a link to a blog that a farmer explains the detail. The blogger wrote that according to a veterinarian, it is very rare case, and what happened is probably that in the initial stage of forming the egg, the hen jumped and rolled over a lot, so the egg went back through the oviduct and miraculously got together with the next egg.

The blogger said it was understandable because the egg was laid by one of the free-range chicken at the farm, and they are always active and running around.


This is JAPAN Style!