How to Paint Japanese Style Cherry Blossoms in 5 Minutes



Can you believe that you can paint the cherry blossoms above in only 5 minutes?

There is this video on YouTube instructing how to paint Japanese style cherry blossoms.


The following is the description of the video.


[5 Minutes Painting]

This video introduces the painting technique that anyone can practice and create a beautiful piece of art. It would be better to paint vigorously rather than being afraid of mistakes.


– Paper

The paper used in the video is Gasenshi, Chinese origin calligraphy and painting paper.

You can also use a square fancy cardboard or drawing paper, but thin and glossy is unsuitable.

Washi (Japanese paper), gasenshi, Mino-washi, and karakami (toushi) (Chinese origin paper which contains bamboo fiber) are recommended.


– Paints

Acrylic or watercolors are fine.

The paint used in the video is the paints for Japanese-style painting.


Sumi (Black Ink)

China ink or if you don’t have it, thin down black acrylic paint or watercolor with water.


– Blush

I’ll be perfect if you have small, regular, big and flat brush.

The instructor uses saishiki-fude (Japanese round brush), mensou-fude (small round brush), honegaki-fude (big round brush), and hira-fude (flat brush).


Photo by真織


“How to Paint Japanese Style Cherry Blossoms in 5 Minutes”



Wow, the instructor paints such a beautiful piece so easily! Now it’s your turn (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!



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