When is the Appropriate Time to Make an Emergency Call??

If you accidentally cut your fingers while you are cooking alone at night and if it looks unexpectedly serious, what would you do?  Would you use your first aid skill?  Or wake your family up to get some help?  Some people might think of making an emergency call depending on the situation especially when it looks like bleeding is severe and looks it will never ever stop… (><)

But knowing that ambulance sometimes have troubles to provide their services properly as people call them for very minor cases – partly because calling ambulance is free of charge in Japan -, I wonder what will be appropriate circumstances that you don’t have to hesitate to call an ambulance??




Well, for people like me, who are not sure when to make an emergency call, I found an article which shows basic guideline.

According to a chairman of Japan emergency life guard association, basically you can make an emergency call when you physically  cannot move by yourself, but you should not hesitate calling an ambulance when you feel very ill or your condition seems to be abnormal.

Ah, if you can move by yourself or not… that is pretty easy criteria for non-specialist!  When we actually make an emergency call, I think we tend to be in a panic state, but is there anything we should make sure to inform when making an emergency call?

Well, it is always important to inform if the case is urgent or not, where you are, what happened/ is happening and your name and contact number.

I see.  I’m lucky enough to be able to got to hospital or pharmacy by myself when needed, but I think the best solution is always being careful to prevent such an urgent situation from happening!  Of course, you should not hesitate when your life is at risk, but learning basic first aid can also helps reduce ambulance dispatching so that lives at more serious risk can be saved 🙂


What do you think about today’s article?

I would like to hear situation of your county.


Source: web R25

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