Morning Experiments by a Curious Man


Drinking liquids is very refreshing. Drinking liquids also makes us urinate. This is the natural way of things. But not every liquid produces the same effect. The intensity of the toilet urge and the time it takes to kick in depend greatly on the kinds of the drinks we choose to enjoy.

Today, I would like to share the experiences of our blogger, Mr. J. He attempts to answer the eternal question; What drink causes the strongest, quickest urge to excuse ones’ self to the nearest lavatory? This experiment’s methods are very simple.


As soon as Mr J. greets the dawn,


He drinks one-liter of a certain kind of drink.


And then waits for the inevitable desire to urinate.


To measure time he equips himself with a stop watch.
One by one, everyday a different morning drink. Here they are…








(From the top left)


Iced coffee


Iced tea

Mountain Dew

Guarana  rink

Puer tea (Chinese tea)

Vegetable juice

Aquarious (sport drink)

Pilkul (fermented milk drink)

Amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice)

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Non-alcoholic beer

Fruiche (creamy milk desert)


Chaomai (Chinese pork dumpling)





The top spot goes to iced coffee. It took only 35 minutes from the time Mr. J finished his liter of morning coffee to the time he could no longer avoid a trip to the toilet. Coming in dead last is chaomai. Mr. J waited 3 hours and 35 minutes for his morning pork dumplings to prompt an urge to visit the loo.

Hey, wait a minute Mr. J! Chaomai isn’t even a drink!… (^^;;


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!