Popularity of Rental Services in Japan


It might be because of the depression; the behavior of Japanese consumers has been changing.

Most noticeable changes are the popularity of low priced products and the increasing of the user of rental services.

For example, a rental shop for expensive brand bags rent a hundreds thousand yen (thousands US dollars) worth bag at 7,000 yen (78 US dollars) for 5 days.

The number of the users seems to be smoothly increasing.

The number of car rental is boosting too.

Especially, high class cars such as Porsche are so popular that some renters have to wait for cancellation.

Companies change their business trip transportation to rental cars from train.

In fact, the increase of rental businesses is bound up with the popularity of Tachinomi- Izakaya.

A specialist of consumers’ behavior explained, “The recent consumers don’t get into things. Drinking till late with bosses and co-workers to get close is out of question. To avoid ‘too much’ and have fun moderately is the tendency of the recent consumers”

"yoheiyamashita" some rights reserved. flickr

"yoheiyamashita" some rights reserved. flickr

It can be said the same thing about purchasing.

They don’t get into things and avoid “too much”.

It made increase the demand for rental services.

The depression must be serious problem in other countries too.

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Reference: The Nikkei September 27, 2009


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