I want to be unique… do not want to be one of them!

Brands like UNIQLO, H&M or ZARA which are categorized as “FAST FASHION” now develop so many shops around the world. Each of their shops are full of people every day and the customers do not mind to line up to get in one of those newly opened.


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However, it does not mean the customers are 100% happy about it. Some complain that when they go out in their UNIQLO hoodie for instance they always bump into somebody else with the same hoodie on the street… Have you ever experienced such an awkward situation?

We are all different from each other and wish to show our personal taste in one way or another with what we wear. But at the same time we wish spend wisely on clothing as we never know if the trend remains the same next year!

I have a good news today for those who have such a wish.

UNIQLO opened a new concept store, “My UNIQLO” at 3 locations, Ginza, Ikebukuro Bic Gate and Ikebukuro Tobu on 27th September. The new stores offer customizing and repair services.

These services are not only in the fast fashion industry. The services also satisfy the casual, sport fashion customers; “Levi’s Tailor Shop” for Levis customizes jeans or tracker jackets with patches, “Your Reebok” for Reebok which is a limited customizing shoe service on online shop started in 2010 in the US. This makes no less than 10,000 different designs available with different soles, linings, colours, materials. Also Adidas develops “mi adidas”, a service to make your original pair with colours, sizes, embroidery, flags or NBA team mark according to your taste.

Start feeling like having your original piece made at one of those service shops?


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