Dream Holiday – Countryside Stay with Treehouse Accommodation

Camping holiday is widely enjoyed by outdoor loving family in Japan. My parents used to take me out for camping every summer, and I still enjoy camping now. It makes me feel like I get closer to nature, and I just love having my tent as my base camp!! But I found potentially even more exciting accommodation for outdoor loving people, which is…. Tree house!!


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According to an article, there are some places in Japan where tree house is offered as an accommodation. These places tend to be in a camping or other type of outdoor activity field, so you can enjoy bbq, camp fire and all these kind of things, which is already exciting enough for both grown-ups and children, but you can stay in a tree house like you say in the world of Peterpan!

For example, a tree house accommodation provider in Nasu in Tochigi prefecture has 14 tree houses in approx. 33k square meter land, which allow users to enjoy the great atmosphere without bumping into other users. And some places are even equipped with fireplace, so you can have a dream tree house stay in winter time, too!

But of course, one of the beauty of camping is that whole activity is reasonable priced, so how much does it cost staying at one of those tree house?

Actually, it’s typically available from 5,000 yen (US$42) so it can still be cheaper than staying at hotels. And if you use winter time price, some places can even be available at a price of below 2,000 yen (US$17)!! People tend to take camping as a summer activity, so camping tends to be too busy in the summer time, but if it’s in a tree house, you will certainly be warmer even in autumn or winter, and enjoying seasonal view with coloured leaves in a quiet countryside must give you a nice and good family time 🙂


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