Curvy Dancing – Popular Dance Exercise among Japanese Women

Curvy Dancing is probably the most popular exercise among Japanese women now. It features the moves to make “small waist,” “beautiful breasts,” and “small hips.”

The person who spread the method is a personal trainer Hiromi Kashiki who works with famous models and actresses. Her Curvy Dancing books (with DVDs) have sold 2 millions copies! Why is she popular? One of the reasons is that her look is very persuasive; she doesn’t look her age which is 48. She looks young and her body is thin but has curves.


So far Kashiki released two DVD books; “Kashiki-shiki Curvy Dance de Soku Yaseru!” and “Kashiki-shiki Curvy Dance de Soku Bubunyase!” The former for weight loss and the later one for body shaping.


“Kashiki-shiki Curvy Dance de Soku Yaseru! Promotion Video”



According to the reviews of trainees who bought the DVDs, the dancing routines are easy to follow but make them sweat nicely. More than anything, they say the trainer is cute and fun!

Kasiki’s book (with DVD) is available at


Source: Diamond Online

Images from YouTube Video by gakkenFYTTE


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