100 People Waiting in a Queue? Appealing Apartment for Rent in Japan

When you look for apartment for rent, there is something you have to compromise as well as critical points that you cannot give in. Apparently, Japanese apartment conditions do not seem to have positive image in general from the viewpoint of overseas residents due to its size and price, but here I come!  I would like to share a positive article about particular type of apartment, which has been catching people’s attention in Japan.


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So this type of house for rent is offered under a theme of ‘house for maniac’, and it has very appealing elements for particular enthusiasts. For example, there are some apartments for motorbike maniacs which has got individual bike park compartment with shutters on ground floor, so that you can keep your precious motorbike in.  Also, it has got electric open/close function for shutters, large vent fan and sound proof wall in between next door neighbour’s bike park so you can do some maintenance work in your own bike park!  This motorbike fans’ apartment only accommodates 3 household in 1 building, but occupancy rate has always been 100% and 100 people are waiting to move in.

I often see outdoor parking for bikes, but I can see that individual indoor parking for each bike will be very appealing for motorbike riders 🙂  You can decorate the parking compartment with some favourite cleaning/ maintenance kit, and starting a weekend day by opening your parking lot will be just like a dream for bike maniac!


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Other maniac appealing apartments include one with self-working garage on grand floor, so that you can do all car maintenance in your apartment!  This garage seems to be a shared one among all household in the apartment, but for those who are dreaming to have their own garage, it is just like a dream, isn’t it?? (><)

I don’t mind having apartment with share garage myself, too^^

According to the article, such apartment providers are considering to widen their variety in apartment, so there will be more and more appealing apartment available in Japan near the future??  Well, let’s hope so!!


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