Doraemon Museum Virtual Tour


On September 3rd, the Doraemon museum (Fujiko F. Fujio Museum) opened in Kawasaki city.

Today, we will have a virtual museum tour. Let’s go!!



From the nearby train station to the museum, you can take a cute shuttle bus decorated with not only Doraemon but also with many other Fujiko’s characters 😀 And look at the number plate. 2112 is the year when Doraemon was born!



Inside the shuttle is also cute! This is Korosuke stop bell XD. But unfortunately, there is no bus stop between the station and the museum, so nobody can actually use the bell (^^;;



Fujiko’s characters are printed on the seats as well.



Can you see the second caution symbol from the top? Mice will be denied admission into the museum. Well, this notice is necessary for this museum because Doraemon really hates mice! How witty 😉 Over one hundred secret clues like this are hidden throughout the museum.



Chic display room.



A lot of original manuscripts are on exhibit.



Neat Giant. He has many fans 🙂



Beyond the display room, Fujiko’s desk is exhibited in exactly the same state as when it was in use.



In this room, Fujiko’s huge book collection is displayed. Now let’s go outside!



Full scale “dokodemo-door” (anywhere door). Which tool do you want from Draemon’s 4-D pocket the most? Me? I want a dokodemo-door. If I had that door, I wouldn’t have to suffer through long plane flights!



There are some other characters as well as Doraemon’s tools behind plants. It must be fun to find them.



“Anki pan” (memory bread). You can copy any books and textbooks on the bread, and once you eat it everything copied is memorized in your brain! Great, isn’t it? I really wanted this tool when I was a student LOL.



“Honyaku konnyaku” (translation konnyaku). You can have a conversation in any language after eating this treat. I like these plates. Wonder if they are sold at the souvenir shop?



Suneo hair chocolate cake. he keeps on smiling even though his hair will be eaten very soon!


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Source: Daily Portal Z


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