Cute Animals that Make You Smile

If you are having a bad day and feel down, these photos and videos will cheer you up! 
(If you are having a good day and feel great, look at these photos and videos anyway!)


“Baby Monkey and Mom”

Photo by parus


Look at the baby! He’s looking at something with his big eyes. Mom is eating the grass as if she was nibbling on a crunchy thing at the bottom of a corn dog, like “this part is the best.”


“Kitten Drinking Milk”

Photo by まる


Aww… it’s just too cute (#^_^#) Can you drink it all?


“Kitten Tries Not to Fall Asleep” (To turn off comments, click the speech balloon on the right bottom.)


The video is actually titled “You can sleep now.” She is probably cautious about camera. The person who contributed the video saved this abandoned kitten, which was later adopted by a new owner. Can’t believe someone abandoned such a cute kitten instead of taking it to an animal service.


“Dreaming Puppy”

White Shiba dog baby, Kumo-kun is talking in his sleep! Is he dreaming about playing with his brother? Or drinking milk?


“A Cockatiel Kame-chan Singing the Chocobo’s theme from Final Fantasy”


Kame-chan is singing (whistling?) the Chocobo’s theme. He (she?) was almost singing right before but he started arranging the song (^_^) So the owner shot the video before he loses it.


This is JAPAN Style!