Tsukema-Mirror for False Eyelashes Lovers

False eyelashes have been very popular among Japanese women. Many of them use false lashes regularly especially young women.

Targeting those false lashes lovers, Takara Tommy Arts launched out a special mirror which is very handy when you put lashes on.

It’s called Tsukema Mirror. In Japanese false eyelashes are called “tsuke-matsuge,” and “tsukema” is an abbreviation of it.




These mirrors are foldable and you can adjust the height (up to 21cm) and angle (180 degrees) as you like.


The mirror can store 3 pairs of lashes.


Now it’s available in 3 colors; pink, white and black.
You can decorate it with blings and stickers like this! (Cute!)


It is also handy when you put contact lenses on, draw eyebrows, or tweeze facial hair.


According to the company, many false eyelash lovers use desktop mirrors or square hand mirrors when they put lashes on, and half of them have hard time to adjust the height and angle of the mirrors. Some of them put tissue boxes and books under the mirrors to raise them up higher.

Tsukema Mirrors are available at stores such as Loft, Tokyu Hands, Chambre, and PLAZA in Japan, and also at an online store Cosme.com.

All images are from this video “Tsukema Mirror” in YouTube.



Source: Nikkei Trendy (Japanese)


Tsukema Mirror (Japanese)
“Tsukema Mirror” page in Cosme.com (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!