More than 30% of Japanese Experienced? Toilet Nap

Lovely spring sunshine in the afternoon can makes people so sleepy especially after lunch in this particular season.

Today, I would like to introduce an article, which possibly changes your stereotypical image toward Japanese; serious worker.


Japanese business man

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Have you ever feel dead sleepy in your office before?  Yeah, I bet you have…  But even if you feel so sleepy, you couldn’t just sleep on desk when your boss is in (・_・;)

Wait a minute…, there is one place you could secretly sleep in office… which is…,  yes, toilet…

An website conducted a survey about nap in office experience, targeting 200 single businessmen in Japan.  And the result showed that 30.5% of them have an experience/experiences sleeping in a restroom stall of their office before.

But being in a restroom stall for a man automatically means that he is not having a wee, so in that sense, he may need a bit of courage to come out from the room or he may need humourous excuse just in case he comes across with his colleagues right after he comes out from the stall …


So, how do they actually sleep in toilet?


Japanese super toilet

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Majority of toilet sleeper answered that they sleep with the toilet lid closed, but some just make the most of Japanese warm toilet seat by sitting on the toilet seat.

Hmn, personally speaking, I hesitate to sleep in toilet, but feeling warm may help to sleep… Lol

Some serious toilet sleeper prepare ear plugs and anti-odor spray to make their restroom stall comfy to stay!!  Some even use new toilet roll substitute for pillows ^_^

Oh, my goodness, they must be toilet nap repeater! 😯

According to an expert, it is very good to have 10 minutes worth of napping time when you feel desperately sleepy as it refresh your brain effectively.

Well, I still hesitate to join those toilet nap experts, but those who do sleep in toilet, I seriously wish that you guys will have decent amount of sleeping time in bed…(>_<)


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I’m looking forward to hearing from both of toilet sleepers and non-toilet sleepers!


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