“The Interviews” – Japanese New SNS

The Interviews is a new SNS that is specialized in interviews. The two features “Interview style” and “anonymous question,” fill the people’s desire to be known by people and to know someone.

In The Interviews, unlike Question and Answer sites, the members can ask questions to each other personally and anonymously.

Opened in August 2011, The Interviews gained 68,000 members, over 7,000 “Like” in Facebook, and over 8,000 tweets on Twitter in a month, and also got 2 millions page views per day.



What makes it special?

The members can ask questions whoever they are interested; friends, co-workers, or complete strangers who have the same interests. It means that the members are also asked about themselves by other members including strangers, but they never know who asked which question. There are all types of questions exchanged about work, relationship, family, and more.

An interview page can be used as a self-introduction on Twitter and blogs (by posting the URL).

By customizing the design of header and the profile section, a member can make his/her page look like a celebrity’s interview article.


The Interviews (Japanese)
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