Wasabi Stories vol.170: “Life is Like a Stone!?”


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“Life is Like a Stone!?”

Today’s story-teller is novelist Shusuke Michio.

The title of the column that he has been posting essays in the newspaper is called ‘promenade.’ He recently found out the meaning of the word.

Michio checked the word and learnt that promenade means a walk or a walkway in French.

He tried to remember when he took an aimless walk last time, but he could not remember.

Usually, his gets commission-based income. He can expect a windfall if a book becomes a hit, but it hardly happens. So, he has started avoiding wasting time.

In order to avoid wasting time, he started searching for things which inspire him to write all the time.

He says, “I only forget about it when I am drinking. I guess that is why writers tend to enjoy drinking.”





His story changes into another subject.

It is about high school graduation writings. It is sort of a book of group efforts.

He noticed Mr. K’s poem when he was flipping over the pages of it.

Mr. K and Michio were not such close friends. Actually, he can’t remember if he had ever spoken to him. However, when he read the poem, he regretted that he didn’t make friends with him.

The title of the poem was ‘a stone.’


“Please kick me. I would like to move and see another world.”


It was written with poor hand writing.

Michio says, “I must have thought ‘the stone’ was a helpless thing if I had read the poem in my teens. But it sounds like a positive poem to me now.”

Then Michio gets onto ‘cogs’, which previously mentioned.

As it is mentioned, every one of us is living just like a cog, but if you think about it in the other way, you are just like a stone kicked by the others to move forward, and it makes a progress in your life. One day you get kicked hard and you get kicked softly the next day.

By getting kicked and moving forward, the sight will change, and things around you will go far into distance.

After he read Mr. K’s poem, he thought a life is its repetition.


Michio says, “None of us knows which way we are going by getting kicked. So, there is no righteousness. Life is something that you keep moving forward by getting kicked by the others. It is just like a long ‘promenade’.”


The NIKKEI 12/25/2009 by Shusuke Michio (novelist)



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