Fun Greeting Card found at 100 yen Shop: Part 1

In past posts, I wrote about “Fun Note Pad Found at 100 yen Shop.”

This time it is about a greeting card.

This is an ordinary greeting card.





At 100 yen shops, there are many unique cards that can beat ordinary cards.

There is a blogger writing about it, so let me share his report here.



A card section at a 100 yen shop.



The blogger bought some interesting cards there.


What I show you today is one of them. It is a “Sliding Greeting Card.”



It is shaped like a cloud.



The top part slides. It says “Congratulation!” in English.



He took it out from the case.



Carefully slide it with fingers…



It opened and showed a blank cloud!



Being excited, he decided to write something for the readers.


What did he write?


Check this out!







Skin head, six dots on the forehead, and rolled up sleeves. This can be…?

Kuririn (Eng. Krillin) in the Dragon Ball!?

This is the actual character.




The blogger explained about the drawing.

The cloud reminded him “kintoun cloud”, which reminded him Kuririn instead of Goku LOL.

Only a pure hearted person can ride the cloud, so wicked hearted Kuririn falls.

This drawing strongly shows Kuririn’s “wicked” side (^_^)

I will show more cards next time if there is a chance.


Source: Daily Portal Z


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