Nice Going Out Venue for Christmas? Three Best Nigh Views in Japan

So Christmas is coming up!  Although it is pretty cold outside, seeing beautiful night view can always be one option for Christmas date. What a good timing!  I found an article about Top 3 night view of Japan, so I’m going to introduce this to you today!

Well, according to this ranking from the article created based on reputations on Trip advisor, gorgeous night view from ‘Mt. Hakodate’ in Hokkaido was selected as the best night view in Japan.  The second was the view from ‘Mount Inasa’ in Nagasaki city, and the third place was ‘Mount Maya’ of Kobe.


So this is the view from Mt. Hakodate.


Mount hakodate

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Here is Mt. Inasa in second place.


inasa mountain

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And then, Mount Maya!


maya mountain

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They are beautiful, aren’t they??

They are widely known as Top 3 best night view spots in Japan, but that is understandable 🙂  I could go if it was close enough though…

According to the reputations of these places, Mt. Hakodate has a tram to go up, and there is a nice cafeteria waiting for you to enjoy the night view while Mt. Inasa has 360 degree observatory.  Also, Mt. Maya was famous for very good atmosphere with retro-looking cable car.

Sounds good for date, doesn’t it?


By the way, the fourth place went to ‘Mt. Moiwa’ in Sapporo and the fifth was ‘Mt. Bizan’ of Tokushima.


What do you think about today’s article?

If you haven’t thought of any date place for Christmas, maybe you can consider going out for nice night view?


Please let me know about the best night view of your country, too!  😉


Source: Walker plus


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