Wasabi Stories vol.135: “Think what you can do for others first”


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“Think what you can do for others first”

Today’s story teller is a calligrapher, Souun Takeda.

By his definition, a success is to “move others’ hearts.”

When he just started his career as a calligrapher, he preferentially wanted his calligraphy to be appreciated; therefore, no one give the slightest attention to it. In other words, he pushed his mind to others and didn’t think about the ones who looked at his work.


* His book

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Having realized that, Takeda concentrated on the point that “do what I can do for others” and went into action.

In his story, he shared what he has practiced through his experiences.


#1: Change “have to do list” to “want to do list”.

Our daily lives are continuous “have to do” things, like “have to wake up,” “have to go work,” “have to go shopping,” and so on.
Turning them into “want to do” and writing those down while reading aloud gradually change your mind.
A man’s energy goes down by having many senses of duty.


#2: Do not cry for the moon; use what you have.

Many people want what they don’t have. But bright people maximally use what they have instead of sigh over what they don’t have.
Takeda recommend writing down five of your characteristics including weakness or whatever.


#3: Watch your use of words

For example, instead of saying “I want to be happy”, saying “I am happy now but I want to be happier” makes you happy.
Do not deny the present time but accept it and go upper than that.

These are the motto and the positive thinking tips that Takeda practice.


The NIKKEI Nov/17/2009 by Souun Takeda (calligrapher)



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