Wasabi Stories vol.157: “A Grotesque Event Happened on the Train”


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“A Grotesque Event Happened on the Train”

Today’s story-teller is Japanese novelist Shusuke Michio, 36 years old, introduced once before.

The story is about a grotesque event that happened on the train.

He used to work for a company for 9 years before he became a professional writer.

The office was in [W:Shinjuku], Tokyo. He used to take packed-out commuter trains every morning.



Since he was a sales person, he used to receive urgent calls.

So he kept his cell phone in his front pocket of the trousers. Of course the phone was kept as manner mode all the time.

So, one morning in winter, on his way to work on a commuter train, he received a mail on the cell phone and he felt it vibrate.

It was hard to take out the cell phone out of pocket since the train was packed, but he managed it and he checked his mail. But there was no new message on his cell phone. He thought it was strange.

Right after that, he recognized there was strange odor.

Yes, someone flattuated.


He describes it: “I have no idea what the person ate, but it was such strong odor, I felt like I was going to pass out for the moment.”
And he realized the reason why he felt the vibration in his pocket.

He mistook the vibration that caused by the fart the middle-aged man whose bottom was attached to his pocket did as the vibration of his cell phone.


He says, “I just wanted to say that the man’s action was totally bad manners. I really wanted to tell him that everyone should have manners. There should not be a case that people with manners to make a loss. I turned on my cell phone MANNER mode. I wished that he turned on himself MANNER mode.”


Well, he flattuated without a sound, so he may have been in MANNER mode in that way. Michio realized it in the middle of writing about it. LoL


The NIKKEI 11/27/2009 by Shusuke Michio (novelist)



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