Mini Japanese Hand Towel: Mamegui

I have written about Japanese cotton towels called “tenugui” several times on Japan Style website. So maybe you know that tenugui are usually long and rectangular, like this.


tenugui kendo


Today, let me introduce small (27cm×27cm) and square (not long) tenugui that look like handkerchieves. They are called “mame-gui”. In Japanese the word “mame” literally means beans, but it sometimes refers to “something tiny”. So mame-gui are tiny tenugui. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? And the exclusive features of mamegui are their patterns.

Look at this mamegui.



At first glance, it might be hard to imagine what pattern it is. Let’s see how to use it.



1. Place mamegui inside out around a small box, so the cat face is opposite you.

2. Cover the box with the near side’s end, then fold the far side’s end so you can see the face.

3. Grab the right and left sides.

4. Tie them up in the middle.

5. Shape the knot like cat’s ears.

6. When you flip up the cat’s face, a fish appears!


There are more and more mamegui on the shop website. Check it out! >>>

Can you guess what each one is going to be? Click the photo and you’ll see what appears after folding.


Source: KAMAWANU CO., LTD. Website



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