Animelo Summer Live — Biggest Anime Concert in Japan!

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“Animelo Summer Live” is the biggest annual anime songs concert in Japan!

This year, it was held on August 22-23 at Saitama super arena stadium, and there were 50000 audiences for two days!

It was titled “RE: BRIDGE” and there were 54 performers excited the stage, by performing over 100 songs for 11 hours in 2 days total.

In Animelo concerts, game songs are performed as well as anime songs. This year, Gackt sang Final Fantasy VII song and two other anime songs.

The performed songs are included Mobile Suit Gundam, Initial D, The Neon Genesis Evangelion, Haruhi Suzumiya, and so on. Aminelo Summer Live (the official web site in English)


This is JAPAN Style!

Animelo concert

Animelo concert poster