“Sushi Tower Defense” Free Online Game

“Sushi Tower Game” is a defense strategy game that your mission is to place customers efficiently along a sushi-go-round lane to eat all sushi.



It is difficult (even from the first stage) but if you like those defense games, you will get into it and lose track of time!

There are 11 stages but 10 stages are locked at the beginning, and you have to complete a stage to unlock another. Because each stage has different layout, you need to carefully work out your strategy.

It seems there is no how to play or tutorial in the game, so let me explain the basic for you,

When the game begins, you place customers (towers) on the seats. Each customer has different characteristic.



When you click the seated customer, a circle appears around him/her to tell how far he/she can reach. You also see “update” in “the customer info,” which increases the customer’s ability in exchange for some money. A star will appear on the head of the updated customer.

Since you don’t have much money at the beginning, you might want to use inexpensive customers like a boy or a young man. And when you start getting enough money, add Glutton (red hair man) who eats the most among the customers.

To play the game, click >> [Sushi Tower Defense] It was created by njellyfish, a Japanese freelance programmer who lives in Osaka.


Enjoy! 😛



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