1/1 Scale GUNDAM is Back to Odaiba

On Saturday, “Odaiba Gundam Project 2011” was opened at the Symbol Promenade Park in Koto-ward, Tokyo. This project features the exhibition of the parts of 18-meter 1/1 scale Gundam which was exhibited in Odaiba two years ago to mark the anime series’ 30th anniversary.

The 14 parts including the head, shoulder, and ankle guards are exhibited a lawn of the central square in the park.

The visitors can look at the parts closely. The eyes flash by pedaling the bicycles equipped human powered electrical generators.


It is Gundam’s right hand. The visitors can sit on it and take pictures.


Looks like a crime scene LOL. If Gundam gets beaten, it’ll look like this.
It is rare to see it like this actually.



There are food stalls and venders to sell drinks and Gundam goods.

The exhibition opens 10am to 6pm (entrance closes at 5:30pm) till August 21, 2011.

The entrance fee is 500 yen and the part of profits will be a donated to the earthquake and tsunami victims.


Video “Odaiba Gundam 2011” by Asahi Shinbun


Images from YouTube

Link: Odaiba Gundam 2011


This is JAPAN Style!