Prefectures with Higher Disposable Income in Japan

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya…  There are many big towns in Japan, but which prefectures generally receive higher salary than other areas you think?  Today, I would like to introduce an article about statistics on annual income.


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According to a survey conducted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2011, people live in Tokyo receive the highest income (* excluding overtime payment) among all prefectures in Japan.  2nd place went to Kanagawa pref., which is followed by 3rd place of Osaka, 4th Aichi and 5th Kyoto (But when overtime payment is included, Aichi comes to 3rd when Osaka goes down to 4th, which means Nagoya people do more overtime work than Osaka!)

But receiving high income doesn’t necessarily mean that they have more disposable income than other areas?  For example, people in Okinawa receive the least amount of income in Japan, but as living cost in the prefecture is the cheapest in Japan, being paid less than other areas sort or balance out ok?


Ok, so where will be other areas that require less living cost in Japan?

The article states that prefectures which need less cost of living next to Okinawa pref. are Tottori pref., Wakayama pref. and Osaka.


Wait a minute, people in Osaka receive more payment than other areas and need less cost of living than other areas??  Is it fair?? (><)

Well, according to the article, commodity price is not particularly cheap in Osaka.  In fact, their food prices are higher than national average food price.  So, the article concluded that people in Osaka must be generally good at saving money, which is a contributing factor to lower the cost of living.

If you look at annual disposable income ranking of Japanese cities, Tokyo was the top again.  And the rest was Osaka city, Yokohama city, Kobe city and Nagoya.  Most of the cities are from those higher earning prefectures, but it is clear that bigger towns have more advantages when it comes to earning money.

Receiving more money does not make the area all nice and ideal (this could just mean longer on-duty hours…), it may be of interesting for those who are planning to coming to the area near the future 🙂


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Source: web R25


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